First things first, let’s be sure you dig my style. My portraits are soft realism, and often have colorful graphic additions. I can paint from a live model, but it’s not necessary and most of the time pretty impractical, especially for small children. I’ll need a few reference images, that are well lit, high resolution, and well executed. Snapshots with your phone probably won’t work, unless you’re really excellent at composition and lighting. I’m fine with input on colors, and prefer the subject reference images to have a mostly closed mouth. A  3/4 angle is my favorite, and no black & white photos — unless you want a black & white painting.

If this seems like what you’re looking for, then check out my price list below and see which of the options are in your budget.

January 2017 Prices:


12″x12″ on canvas or wood panel (wood panel is my favorite.)

One subject per commission. Delivery in 4-6 weeks



11×14 on watercolor paper

One subject per commission. Delivery in 4-6 weeks



16″x20″ on canvas or wood panel

One subject per commission. Delivery in 9-12 weeks



16×20 on watercolor paper

One subject per commission. Delivery in 6-8 weeks



So, if you think you’re ready, then read on about the process and what you’ll need to do to get this ball rolling.

  1. You’ll let me know size and substrate: paper, canvas, wood
  2. You’ll send reference images and inspiration images
  3. I’ll send you a “commission agreement” with the details we agree on, and an invoice for the non-refundable deposit, 50% of the painting. When you pay your deposit, you’ll be added to the calendar. The final payment is due upon approval.
  4. I’ll create the painting based on my own aesthetic and in-keeping with my style. I’ll send you an image for review, and may make edits if you request. That said, I reserve the right to make those aesthetic decisions and you are not obligated to buy the painting. Your non-refundable deposit can be used as credit in my online store.

If you’re ready to book your portrait commission, drop me a line!