Back to it.

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to tell you all that I've started a new online shop at I've taken a break from selling for the past year, (other than the odd Instagram sale) and been focused on taking classes, trying new...

Air Hostess

Now Booking Commissions

Hello all! Thank you to everyone who came to my show at Collected Thread last night, despite the rain. It was so fun to be showing the Plaza District, and definitely inspiring to be in such great company. If you missed the show, you can...

More Rain Needed

Vision Quest

I've been joking with my friends that this trajectory I've placed myself on is a lot less linear than I originally imagined, much like a vision quest. I keep finding myself on side-roads that need to be explored, and though they are technically distractions from...


The year as I found it.

I love new beginnings. I take my resolutions pretty seriously, and keep making new ones all the time. My feeling last year was that I had reached a wall with my art, and needed to push myself into uncomfortable territory, and stop reporting on my...


3704 Project Update

Thanks for checking in with the 3704 Project! Many of our friends & neighbors have been driving past our mural on Western Avenue and documenting the process we've made over the past couple weeks. We have been at our site most days working on covering...


3704 Project

Hello everyone! I've been taking a break from #dailyerincooperart because I've hard at work on an awesome project with Western Avenue. I was one of 7 artists selected to create a mural for the Taste of Western. I wasn't sure I could take on a project...


The Latest!

Hi guys! Thanks for swinging by my new site. I feel like I should explain that my brand is going through a transitional period. I've made the decision to start moving away from using Pippin + Pearl as a name for my blog associated with...



"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. " - Marc Chagall When I first started painting again, I felt locked into my design sensibility. Everything I created needed to have a purpose. I was placing value on work...



The Summer has descended upon us and the past few weeks have back-to-back patio parties, family adventures, and general schedule upheaval. On top of our already crazy work schedule, I've gotten the opportunity to create a series of paintings for a new store opening in...


Why don’t you experiment?

I don't think it's any secret that art is the salve for my soul. Part of the reason I've gotten away from selling my paintings is just because it brought this undue pressure to make my art into something that was about success, when in...


La Baguette Bistro

If you've been paying attention to my Instagram, you might have seen some sneak peaks of a project I've been working on with my talented friend, Quit Nguyen. We had the pleasure of styling & photographing (and tasting!) some of the delicious food from La...


Taking It To The Street.

I love working on local projects. I mean, I love working on design period, but when I get to be a part of the coolest stuff that is happening in OKC, it really thrills me. So, when CooperHouse was invited to work on the rebrand...


Love Letter to: Erin McIntosh

Sometimes I come across an artist who feels kindred to me in a way that I can't really explain. Erin & I share a name. We share similar styles, and her inspirations are similar to mine. She's clearly superior in a lot of ways --...


West Coast Sojourn

I'm excited to share with you all that we've launched our April 25th & 26th Seattle Digital Creative workshop, and have already sold 3 tickets. We'll be starting promotion with Coco + Kelley early next week, so I think that our remaining 9 seats will...