The year as I found it.

I love new beginnings. I take my resolutions pretty seriously, and keep making new ones all the time. My feeling last year was that I had reached a wall with my art, and needed to push myself into uncomfortable territory, and stop reporting on my work as it happened, but instead just let it unfold. I took art classes, I tried different media, and I stopped judging every piece against the body of work I'd created. After months of exploration and experimentation, I was invited to be part of the Western Avenue Association mural project. It turned out to be a transformational experience for me and my art. I learned about planning and process, I collaborated with other artists, I competed...

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3704 Project Update

[gallery ids="20883,20881,20884,20882,20890,20891,20887,20888"] Thanks for checking in with the 3704 Project! Many of our friends & neighbors have been driving past our mural on Western Avenue and documenting the process we've made over the past couple weeks. We have been at our site most days working on covering over 2000 square feet of wall in a massive mural. You can read all about the story behind our beautiful Oklahoma Aiukli here at my first post about the 3704 Project. If you'd like to visit us, the mural is at 3704 Western Avenue, OKC Our mural is scheduled to be complete by October 18th, 2014 WHY ARE YOU CREATING THIS MURAL? The biggest question everyone has asked is WHY? The answer is that the Western Avenue Association...

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3704 Project

Hello everyone! I've been taking a break from #dailyerincooperart because I've hard at work on an awesome project with Western Avenue. I was one of 7 artists selected to create a mural for the Taste of Western. I wasn't sure I could take on a project of this magnitude at first, but after some thought I realized that passing up a chance like this would be something I'd always regret. I talked to my Dad about my fears and he related a story about an old friend he once knew who continued to be one of the best commercial fishermen, even on into his 70's. My father once asked him why he kept on fishing, even though it was so hard, and his friend...

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The Latest!

Hi guys! Thanks for swinging by my new site. I feel like I should explain that my brand is going through a transitional period. I've made the decision to start moving away from using Pippin + Pearl as a name for my blog associated with my artwork. It's caused some confusion in the past, and I'd like to start using my name (I know...

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"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. " - Marc Chagall When I first started painting again, I felt locked into my design sensibility. Everything I created needed to have a purpose. I was placing value on work based on the time I spent creating it, just like I did with design. The break came when I realized the difference between my design work and my art work. Design has a job to do, and if it doesn't do it's job, it has no value. Art is the sum of the experiences attached to it. The artist's experience creating it, the audience's experience at a glance or if they study it. It's a totally...

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