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Hi guys! Thanks for swinging by my new site. I feel like I should explain that my brand is going through a transitional period. I've made the decision to start moving away from using Pippin + Pearl as a name for my blog associated with my artwork. It's caused some confusion in the past, and I'd like to start using my name (I know...

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"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. " - Marc Chagall When I first started painting again, I felt locked into my design sensibility. Everything I created needed to have a purpose. I was placing value on work based on the time I spent creating it, just like I did with design. The break came when I realized the difference between my design work and my art work. Design has a job to do, and if it doesn't do it's job, it has no value. Art is the sum of the experiences attached to it. The artist's experience creating it, the audience's experience at a glance or if they study it. It's a totally...

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The Summer has descended upon us and the past few weeks have back-to-back patio parties, family adventures, and general schedule upheaval. On top of our already crazy work schedule, I've gotten the opportunity to create a series of paintings for a new store opening in Oklahoma City. I've been busy updating my portfolio and generally trying to freshen up my online world as I've neglected writing in favor of my brush. We recently took the babies to the National Cowboy Museum and they had such a fun time that I had to share. The children's portion of the museum was a big hit (as you can see) and the recreated old West town was very entertaining. Bebedele seems especially ready to...

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Why don’t you experiment?

I don't think it's any secret that art is the salve for my soul. Part of the reason I've gotten away from selling my paintings is just because it brought this undue pressure to make my art into something that was about success, when in reality, it's about something else entirely. That's not to say that I don't want success, but what I want more than anything is to have the experience of making art and being an artist. If I only make art that is about selling, then I can't allow myself to experiment the way I want to. So, I am taking this year off to learn and try new things. My teacher, Bert Seabourn, showed me a mixed...

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