Taking It To The Street.


Taking It To The Street.

I love working on local projects. I mean, I love working on design period, but when I get to be a part of the coolest stuff that is happening in OKC, it really thrills me. So, when CooperHouse was invited to work on the rebrand for Western Avenue, we were 100% on board, although we weren’t sure what to expect.  We’ve never branded an entire district before, but knowing and loving so many businesses on Western Avenue, and listening to the committee and it’s members gave us great direction and inspiration.


“Western Avenue is a thriving commercial district in the heart of Oklahoma City. In addition to being a historic part of the city, Western Avenue is a modern, vibrant neighborhood that is home to many of the communities most beloved locally owned businesses.

An important part of the city’s urban fabric, Western Avenue is lined by an exciting selection of locally-owned businesses that provide a strong connection to the city itself. Here, among an eclectic mix of stylish shops and boutiques, tantalizing restaurants, antique and furniture stores, and famous art galleries, one can find most anything they want. Small wonder, Western Avenue has become a destination all its own.

Bordered by several of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Western Avenue is a popular area for local residents and a welcoming spot for visitors seeking genuine Oklahoma hospitality. Running approximately three miles long, this homey stretch of avenue oozes Midwestern charm balanced with an urban flair, providing an unparalleled OKC experience.”


When it came time to bring the brand to life with a new web presence, we collaborated with Adrian Young, the newly appointed executive director of the Western Avenue Association, to build something that would be flexible, interactive and give us a platform with which to grow the brand and the community.

We decided to use a responsive design with a grid that would showcase all the members of the association.  The grid uses a filter for each of the business categories,  and when you sort them, the page animates with a responsive “masonry” effect. Each business gets to have a page of their own with a set parameter of customizations based on their level of membership, which also affects their prominence in the grid. We also incorporated an interactive map that will allow us to add new businesses as they become members.

A large portion of the design on this site was just in designing the grid. Sorting through logos and images that members had submitted and creating tiles that would all harmonize together. The color cues are intended to create a cohesive appearance, in spite of the fact that we have a lot different images and logos. It was a big team effort to get this site together in such a short time frame, but I’m really grateful for my CooperHouse team and everyone who helped along the way.

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Art Direction & Design: Erin Cooper  |  Photography: Quit Nguyen  |  Development: Tim Cooper & Dane Strom

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