Packing For Alt Summit


Packing For Alt Summit

It’s easy to feel intimidated about meeting a ton of creative people, especially when a lot of them are women. I mean, lets face it, we dress for each other. I have been really anxious about what to wear to Alt Summit, especially since I tend to wear one color (black, black, and um…black) pretty much every day. Thankfully, I have some awesome friends who have been to Alt Summit before, and they’ve given me lots of advice on what to wear, and also to basically… Chill the EFF out. As my friend Rachel put it, “These are your people.” So, after much agonizing, obsessing, and planning… I’ve settled on what I’m packing for Alt Summit.


Hopefully, the same thing that has gotten me through lots of other events & situations will work for this one too. See you there — and if you see a blonde girl wearing black, looking slightly bewildered, make sure you come over and say, “hi.” :)


  • Leslie Fandrich

    20.01.2013 at 14:41 Reply

    Erin, looking forward to meeting you! This is brilliant! I love your paintings. xo

  • Dervla Kelly

    20.01.2013 at 14:29 Reply

    can’t wait to hear how Alt was, I wish i could have been there. Welcome home, though!

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