The Blur


The Blur

Tim’s birthday week will go down in history as the blurriest of all blurry weeks. Maybe even blurrier than the first weeks we spent with each of our newborn children. I don’t know how to describe last week except to say that in all quadrants, our life is full to the brim and dangerously close to spillage. We’ve done the responsible thing and summoned help from Twitter. :) Between our new contractors, and streamlining a few scenarios, I think we’ll survive.

I’m trying to take some vignettes and different angles on Tim’s new office design by Aimee Daniels. My lens isn’t wide angle enough to make it all look just right, so I’ll have to figure that out. In the mean time, here is a peek at his MUCH improved space.If you want to see the before & after shots, visit Aimee’s Facebook.

In other news:

My artwork was featured on The Pink Pagoda this week!

My closet is on the chopping block this week as I work my way through step one of The Working Closet’s Style Clinic. Time to give myself some tough love about some clothes that just aren’t ME anymore.

There are only 19 tickets left for our WordPress Workshop. If you’ve been waiting to get a website built because you couldn’t afford it, then you need to attend our WordPress class. We build sites for creatives all over the US, and we want to help our local community make their mark. It’s going to be an amazing day and you’ll walk away with some valuable skills & knowledge to help grow your creative business. Incidentally, we’ve updated our venue to the McAlpine Conference Center, which is just one block west of Myriad Gardens. See the event page for a map.

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