On My Nightstand


On My Nightstand

Right next to my iPhone, vitamins (Yes Mother, I’m taking the B12 you suggested.), and a giant glass of water, I’ve been making room for these reads:

I picked up this copy of Design*Sponge at Home at a local shop, Blue Seven. Ever since Adele was born, I’ve been mentally switching gears towards making this house our forever home. We moved here with the idea that we’d move back to Colorado or Oregon eventually, but we’ve decided to stay in this house and build a life for our little family here in OKC. (Maybe we’ll buy a vacation home in Colorado or Oregon someday…) Now that our family is complete, I keep thinking about all the little things I want to do to make this home really feel like “ours” and Grace Bonney’s fabulous book is giving me the inspirations I need.

I saw this book, Bringing Up Bebe,  mentioned on A Cup of Jo, and I immediately told Tim we needed to read it. We are both consuming it right now and although we’re not sure everything about being French works for us, a lot of their attitudes about parenting are interesting and thought provoking. I really love that the French culture is more supportive of adults being adults and not centering their whole lives round their children. I often feel guilty for not loving every second that I’m with my kids, or feeling relief when I get to go work (I really do love being a designer and I would never want to give it up) or go out with my friends. I’m going to probably write a bit more in depth about this book when I’m finished.

For one thing, Gwyneth Paltrow looks AMAZING on this cover, but the real reason I’m posting is all about the redesign of Harper’s Bazaar. They’ve increased the size, moved to thicker paper, and done a bit of a refresh of the cover. I hope it’s indicative of an upswing in the magazine industry. I love my blogs, and I love my online books, but nothing will ever take the place of sitting down with a glass of wine and a glossy magazine. :)


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  • Rachel S

    February 17, 2012 at 1:33 pm Reply

    I’m reading Bringing Up Bebe right now too, and I am completely in love with it. I LOVE the whole idea of not losing your identity just because you’re a parent. Plus I’m a total francophile and I find it fascinating to read about different parenting cultures.

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