Negativity Gives Me A Sunburn.


Negativity Gives Me A Sunburn.

I had a crazy experience the last couple of days.  Yes, there were giant tornadoes here, but that’s not as crazy as it seems. We are pretty used to them here. The crazy thing that happened was that meditation post I wrote a while ago was linked to on Reddit and on Tumblr, right around the same time, and it drew an AMAZING reaction. Over 120,000 views on Reddit, and 18,000 notes (now over 100k, in April 2013) on Tumblr to date. This is astonishing because my daily hits hover somewhere in the 74-100 range. In some ways though, it totally makes sense that this image resounded with so many people.

This may seem like a simple lesson, but it is one that I meditate on DAILY. I know everyone must struggle with this as well. The main criticism people have had of this info graphic is that the last entry seems trite and patronizing. I kind of agree. It’s hard to summarize something so profound into a few short words. The basic point is that you must take control of the negativity and choose whether it has value (are there any lessons I should be learning from this?) or whether you should just acknowledge it and move on (this person or negative experience has no importance to me, and is not a learning opportunity).

SPACIOUS MIND = Space to “walk around” a negative influence, observe it, and decide the level of importance to apply to it.

This is one of the many lessons I’ve learned from studying Buddhist theories, and while I do not subscribe to religion, I really think there are mental disciplines in religion that have tremendous value. It really warmed my heart to read the comments from people who said that this infographic helped them and gave them a better way to deal with their problems.

Oh and to the people who said that it would be better to have a sunburn than a vicious case of head herpes, I agree completely. I will take that under advisement before creating my next infographic. :)

  • Anna

    May 25, 2011 at 6:15 pm Reply

    i find it interesting (and somewhat annoying) that people would comment negatively on something like this. how hard is it to look at something, disagree, and move on? judging by the comments that people leave all over the internet, it must be very difficult. i like this train of thought and couldn’t agree more. there’s nothing worse than having your day affected by someone and letting it eat at you all day. thanks for re-posting!

  • Kathleen

    May 26, 2011 at 7:44 am Reply

    You’re famous!

    I’ve love this – not just for the message but the execution. I love the little typographic faces.


  • erin

    May 26, 2011 at 1:47 pm Reply

    Anna — I used to be a moderator on a forum almost a decade ago, so trolls and anonymous nastygrams have little effect on me. I always figure that the cloak of invisibility that the internet provides allows people to behave like cavemen. :) But, most people did seem to enjoy the message, and that really makes me happy. :)

    Kathleen — my first brush with internet fame! It hasn’t resulted in anything but upcharges on my server and Tim calling me “famous blogger, Erin Cooper” over breakfast. ;)

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