Bits & Bobs: A DIY Round-Up


Bits & Bobs: A DIY Round-Up

DIY is all about making something from next to nothing.  All it takes is a creative eye to look at a pile of string, hex nuts, and a paper clip and see a modern accessory. Today’s DIY round up has three projects for you to create with things you probably have lying around your garage.

Evie S., a talented local blogger, came up with this ingenious idea of creating a modern set of earrings from paper clips and string. You could whip these up while your waffles are toasting before you head to work!

Honestly WTF? Yes, it’s a blog name. :) These guys have come up with a sweet little string & hex nut bracelet. This is a great tutorial with lots of step-by-step pictures.

Last, this isn’t a DIY, this photo actually originated from Pottery Barn. However, it’s a simple idea that anyone could accomplish. An old wood photo frame brushed with white paint,  some metal hooks, a few strands of wire… No directions necessary.

Now you’ve got a great jewelry display, and a few new accessories to display!

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